Inspired Spaces, South Tyneside

Inspired Spaces, South Tyneside

Client: Robertson Construction Ltd

Value: £120k

Location: Various Schools throughout South Tyneside

RHD negotiated these works with Robertson Construction in the spring of 2014 to enable the provision of educational outside play areas at several schools throughout the borough of South Tyneside.

The works consisted of varying degrees of playground construction and consisted of features such as child friendly fencing, sensory planting schemes including the provision of fruit trees, safety surfacing, installation of various play features such as role play sheds, chalkboards, slides, sand / water table, clatter bridges and stepping logs, fallen tree features, seating – both formal and informal and varying degrees of hard and soft landscaping works to compliment the play features.

Where possible the works were carried out during school holidays to minimise the disruption to the schools.

The quality of the work and the products recommended by RHD helped us and our client gain recommendation and further work with other schools