Amethyst Arches – Structural Repairs

Amethyst Arches – Structural Repairs – Various dates in 2013 & 2014

Client: Dysart Developments Ltd

Value: £20k

Location: Amethyst Arches, Newcastle Business Park

RHD were approached by Dysart in 2013 quote for some minor structural concrete and masonry repairs required to maintain the condition of the Amethyst Arches,  a retaining wall that is the only remnant of Amstrong’s Elswick Works, once Newcastle’s largest employer and most significant works. This retaining wall stone wall, with its chutes and arches were used for transferring material from the upper to the lower level of the armaments factory.

The works were carried out in stages and consisted of minor concrete repairs to the deck of the arches, repairs to the stone masonry and repointing of the brick face. In addition the soffit or the arch was painted.